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Two Things I Am OVER. October 4, 2010

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1. Pumpkin baked goods. NO. After having done my fair share of handling puréed pumpkin at work (with more to come this week), I would like to state that it is DISGUSTING (texture-wise), makes everything taste dank and faintly moldy/senile, and should be condemned as a food, aside from 1 pie per Thanksgiving/Christmas. That is ALL. Why not make a nice muffin of Gerber Chicken, Liver & Carrot baby food instead?
2. Tuscan White Bean Soup [Insert leafy green vegetable addition here], also anything labelled “Tuscan,” that is not actually from Tuscany/made by a Tuscan. WHY. Can’t any of you jerks be more creative than that? You’re spamming up my favourite recipe boards and websites! Oh, big deal, you threw in some leftover turkey, you want a badge or ribbon for healthful and worldly eating? You should be tarred and feathered. Now get off my internet and go stuff your face at The Olive Garden.
Sons of bitches…
*** It took a lot to refrain from using excessive, and I mean EXCESSIVE profanity in this post. ***


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